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Vivian Kubrick at EMI studio in her cutting room for “Making The Shining”, using a 16mm Steenbeck, 1980
*Picture taken by Stanley

What a goldmine! Complete digitization of 1999 Les Inrocks magazine, “KUBRICK: L’Odyssee D’un Solitaire.” [thanks to Larry Wright]

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Jean Cocteau | self-portrait, 1954

Je ne sais pas ce qui est beau, mais je sais ce que j’aime et je trouve ça amplement suffisant. — Boris Vian

(Source: caro-lgd, via reverdormir)

Stanley Kubrick age ten, with his camera
Sigourney Weaver / Los Angeles 1983by Douglas Kirkland
World Press 2014: Signals from Djibouti
Impoverished African migrants crowd the night shore of Djibouti city, trying to capture inexpensive cell signals from neighboring Somalia—a tenuous link to relatives abroad. From part one of the Out of Eden series published in the December 2013 issue of National Geographic.
pronunciation |  \kok-‘An\
Desire - Secret City Part 2 - 2001 by Jason Langer
Nude in Pumps polaroid by Helmut Newton, 1975
Carlo Mollino - Polaroids
Boris Hoppek