1. Prince - Full Concert - 01/30/82 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)

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  2. The man who wore the creature suit in Ridley Scott’s classic film Alien in 1979 was 6’10″ Nigerian Bolaji Badejo.

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  3. © David Burdeny, Mercator’s Projection, Antartica, 2007

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  4. R.M.S. Queen Mary in the King George V Drydock, Southampton, prior to her maiden voyage, 1936.
    (Photograph John McFarlane Collection)

  5. Prince, 2.15.1980 NYC - The Bottom Line, © Deborah Feingold

  6. Naomi Campbell, by Mario Testino  

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  7. Beastie Boys

    Look at these baby b-boys.

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  8. autosafari:

    Michaël Ducloux

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  13. Rumble Fish (1983)

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  14. Girl on a Motorcycle (1968)

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  15. "Real is good. Interesting is better!" - The photographic early works of cult film director Stanley Kubrick.

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